Contact Information

Farkas Gyula (M, 1987.01.06, unmarried)
Address: –
Phone: +0040-742419806
Driving license: B Cat.



  • Petru Maior University of Tg. Mures / Department of Science, specialization: Information Technologii (MSC), (2012 – 2010);
  • Petru Maior University of Tg. Mures / Department of Electrical Engineering, specialization: Computer and Information Technologies (BSC), (2010 – 2006);
  • Theoretical High School “Bolyai Farkas”, specialization: Informatics

Carrier motivation
In 2010 I have finished my studied as a software engineer. Since then I am working as a software developer for large scale multimedia projects, which include the implementation of the communication and the storage layer, and the interaction between devices from different company solutions (CAN, KNX, DALI, etc). The projects mainly require high knowledge of the C++ language, but different components also involve Python, Java, JavaScript and a wide area of technologies ranging from the boost libraries to the Django Project.
The main reason why I joined was the complexity of the problem and the challenge to work efficiently and to learn very fast new technologies to resolve the required problems.


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